What a stunning pic: purity and innocence


The writing urge was egging me on to give vent to my creativity but nothing was inspiring enough – all the same old things on news- whose winning this election, which leader said what, which movie did well and which did not. I mean, give me a break! How wonderful it will be if atleast for a day, the news focussed on things which are eternal, truly beautiful, pristine and genuinely stir our hearts. Like this pic did for me! Kudos to the photographer for capturing such a natural pic, something which seems to be lacking in the human world.

Hearing natural sounds is hardly possible in the urban Indian landscape. Though we seem to say very proudly that India is progressing and growing – to me this surely does not feel like progress where majority of Indians do not know the meaning or feeling of clean fresh air, blue skies and the sound of birds. For most of us sadly, leisure and recreation mean going to a mall or to a movie hall. Activities like bird watching, trekking in the jungle or sun gazing- these seem restricted to some niche tourist resorts.

The worst part is that nobody seems to be complaining or even noticing. If I take a look at the apartments and houses being constructed, I am quite aghast at the sheer lack of thought and planning, where a single open space is not left for fresh air and sunshine – essentials of life in every age. No wonder then, that the average Indian seems to be quite sick at a young age!

Fortunately for me, I still happen to wake up with the sweet chirping of bird calls. It always thrills me and I wonder what they possibly could be saying to each other. I think they might be wondering that how come humans beings these days also “twitter”!


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