Pain is something which we all have experienced in some form or measure, be it physical/emotional or both. I would rather not define or categorize pain because pain is,  just so painful !! Millions out there live with pain as a constant companion and yet carry on with great strength and purpose. So here is something dedicated to all those brave people who live and endure with the spirit of a hero 🙂

Day and night, day and night,
Aches in my body and no relief in sight.
Days went by, months went by,
Tormented by pain, all I could do was cry.

Oh there’s nothing wrong with you was the doctor’s pronouncement,
Every cell in my body scoffed at this false announcement.
The pain moved deeper and mocked at the unfolding confusion,
But still the docs came up with no solution.

Twist stretch curl and move was the doctor’s advice,
Doing tortuous acrobatics would cure was his surmise,
Doomed if I did and doomed if I did not,
Tired angry and depressed was my lot.

Then I thought of the unthinkable,
The stuff which makes legend, fairy and fable,
I changed my relationship with pain,
I took away it’s power to render me insane.

Gone were the days of fighting and resisting,
The agony was still there but pain was not winning.
I pondered over the value of pain,
Realizing some merit in the phrase “no pain no gain”.

Pain taught me tolerance patience will power,
Wondrous is it’s ability to make the spirit flower,
Not many chances have we in this life so short,
To develop eternal traits that cannot be bought.

So remember to make suffering your friend,
It will leave you with wealth that will last till the end.





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