If I were a tree

A few verses which I penned down as a poetic tribute to silent unrecognized beauties of our world – Trees!

If I were a tree

If I were a tree,

Rooted and never free,

Would the world take notice,

Of my swaying leaves, flowers and twigs ?

Each sharing a message of it’s own,

Trying to make it’s grace known.

Gently whispering soothing melodies of fresh air,

Taking away the filth and ugliness with silent care.

I stand strong but silent and still,

Making it easy for the world to kill.

My beauty fades in the background,

Because in the cacophony of civilization, I make no sound.

Progress marches on and I, lay fallen on the ground,

Treated like so many lifeless objects all around.

But my spirit exults as I was a tree,

Now uprooted and ever free!


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