Are you serious about having fun- part 1

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The summer is at it’s peak here in India. I call it as the thickly prickly season.  But it is also the season of mangoes, ice creams and vacations. Yes vacations! For most of us summertime means vacations and all the concomitant challenges of vacations- what to do, where to go, how to spend our much awaited vacations. Many of us pack off to exotic cooler locales. Some of us participate in workshops and summer camps. Still some of us may just want to stay at home and relax.

The underlying commonality to all these activities is fun and relaxation. A lot has been said about the importance of relaxation.  It’s impact can be gauged by the fact that a multi billion dollar wellness and rejuvenation industry has sprung up, offering you mind blowing fun and rejuvenation. Increasingly in India, kids and adults alike are spending a lot of time and money on recreation but it’s not the variety that I want to talk about. It’s passive engagement in watching movies, shopping at malls, playing computer games, watching Tv or just plain sleeping.

The tile of my post seems contradictory, even ironical. So what is it that I am talking about then? I am talking about recreating our lives through recreation. Is this possible? Yes certainly! Atleast I believe so.  So if you are serious about having fun, then read on.

We are all aware of the definition of recreation and also aware of the synonyms of recreation- hobby, pastime lesiure, play. The last word”play” is essential. Afterall, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So what does this”play” do for us? You will know in just a minute.

I read somewhere that recreation’s purpose is not to kill time, but to make life, not to keep a person occupied, but to keep them refreshed; not to offer an escape from life, but to provide a discovery of life.

Play = discovery of life. Wow! Perhaps that’s the reason why jack becomes a dull boy with no play!

In other words, recreation offers us a discovery of ourselves – what makes us happy, what our talents and interests are, what defines us, what shapes us. It allows us to peek into our souls and be surprised with our limitless potential. It offers a knowing of our desires and passions, what makes us unique and distinct from others. And the corollary of all this self awareness is that since we truly know what we are, so we are also aware of what we want from our life.

What we want from life – ha! Most will argue that they have already figured out what they want from life. Really?? Do you deeply know what you want from life? I think most of us don’t really really, I mean deeply know what we wish from life. We all have vague ideas, ideas that are shaped by our peers, society and culture. Ours idea are vague since we are vague about ourselves! It’s a given that we all want to be happy. Some will add a house, a car, well paying job and family to this list. A fewer still will add what they want to experience from life. But a very few will elaborate on their purpose of life and what they will do to fulfill that purpose.

These days there is lot of talk about following your passion – how doing what your heart wants leads to a happier, more fulfilling life. Many books have been written about, many people offer coaching and workshops on how to find your passion. Indulging in various activities with a playful approach will not only answer that question readily, but will also be  easy on your purse and it is known as recreation.

In my next post I will write about some more benefits of recreation. So enjoy you holidays and have some fun seriously 😛



4 thoughts on “Are you serious about having fun- part 1

    • Thank you Chris! I am glad you enjoyed reading it. I will posting the next part soon. Since summer vacations are round the corner, I am doing a small workshop for children on this very topic. Wanted to gather my thoughts for the workshop and this post was a result of that.


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