Quirkiness common to all writers


Before I gave writing a serious thought and started to write, I had never considered the characteristics and qualities which make one a writer at heart. But now after plunging headlong into the pursuit of writing, I am left wondering if writers do have some common traits and qualities. I just wrote down some quick points which I feel most writers would be possessing, no matter what they write or how they write. 

1. Imagination: if logic is to the scientist, then imagination is to the writer. The writer lives in a fantasy world, unknown to others. In his secret world he is busy crafting magical tales, giving life to his characters and playing with words. His world starts where reality stops.

2. Introversion: most writers have an active inner life and are introverts. Their rich inner life forms the basis for their creativity with the pen. Writing is a lonely job but most writers are busy writing that they hardly notice 😛

3. Keen observers: they are keen observers of human nature and society. They are always on the lookout for people and situations about which they can write about. They keep a mental note about the all craziness they see around themselves and mirror the world we live in through their writings. 

4. Empathetic: writers possess a deep sensitivity to the human condition and feel deeply for others. This depth of feeling gives rise to relatable characters and stories which strike a chord with the readers. Unforgettable books have left an indelible mark on our psyche, made us laugh and cry, pine and root for our favorite characters long after we have finished reading the book.

4. Love to express: like all artists, writers are creative and love self expression. This self expression has churned out poems, tales of love, hate, betrayal. Countless generations have been mesmerized with the likes of Shakespeare, Wordsworth…and I hope someday me 😛

5: Writing for themselves: writers are consumed with the thought to express and write because they love it so much. They write not so much for the reader or the publisher but for the soul satisfying thrill that writing gives them.

6. Explore: most writers love to explore the hidden facets of life, human behavior, emotions, relationships, fears and joys. The stories that they concoct help them to explore and go anywhere they want with their characters.

7. Love of freedom:  writing holds an allure of freedom which only a writer can relate to. Writers have a mind of their own and  intuitive and sensitive hearts. With such qualities they hate to be pigeonholed by societal expectations. They love their independence and guard it fiercely.

8. Connect with nature: writers love the quiet and calming solitude that nature offers. The bird calls and whispering winds give wings to their already imaginative mind and help in flowing their creative juices.

9. Writer’s block: almost all writers stare at this black hole at some point in their writing journey. Like all creative processes, writing is something which comes from within and sometimes it just doesn’t come and there is no way to force it. 

10. Socially awkward: with all the above qualities, writers are prone to be a tad bit socially awkward. Isn’t it? 

These are just some of the points which I felt would be common to the tribe of writers. There would be more perhaps, but more than these are not coming to my mind at the moment. Could it be that I am up against the writer’s block 😛



27 thoughts on “Quirkiness common to all writers

  1. This is all true, or am I presumptuous for thinking so about myself? 😛 I am a shy person, but I still love to express myself through art and I definitely cannot be around people for too long at a time. Nice post!


    • I think all creative pursuits need an emptying of the mind, something similar to tuning out the static from radio and it is quite natural to find that this happens automatically when we are not distracted by people. Thank you for liking my post 🙂


      • Someone once asked me if there is a cure for it. Do I specify a method to combat writer’s block? I suppose the solution is implied in there. Keep putting down words one by one. Eventually, who knows, you may be able to make a post out of nothing!

        Of course, I blog very infrequently because I’m really worried that no one will read it. Actually, no, that’s not why. If I don’t like it, why inflict it on others? I’m notoriously hard to please. Check with My Beloved Bangalan, she’ll tell you all about it!

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