What makes life beautiful


Hop. Skip. Hop.


Hopping over problems, skipping the hidden happiness in fleeting moments and then bulldozed by a trial..all this more or less sums up what life is for most of us. Moments of happiness and peace are sparsely scattered somewhere along. And in the frenzy to find them we forget what we were looking for in the first place! Forget beauty, happiness or any such fancy feeling, we are fumbling our way forward and all we know life is over. Zipped by in a flash of second!

Oh wait..this is sounding too melodramatic..So let me get straight to the point – what makes life beautiful? Ok so here is an illustration. Now imagine life is a person. Let’s call it Life. He (it could be she for you, or anything else you can imagine) has the most beautiful persona in the world, the most attractive being in this world. He is a fountain of sweetness and pure unconditional love. But he is wrapped in mystery. He comes near and as soon as you try to catch him, he slips away but you know he is lurking around. His very presence thrills and each time you get close he lets you unravel a tiny bit of his mystery. And as soon as you have delved deeper, there is more to know about him. And oh! all the while he is the most irresistible, enticing, charming person you have ever known. All you want to do is to be with him. You just can’t seem to get enough of him.

Ok, so with this knowledge, now let me ask the question again. What makes life (not Life) beautiful?

The answer for me would be to simply watch him (Life), to be mindful and aware of his presence. To keep on this love affair of hide and seek with him – Life. Simply put, just be with him. This is what will make my life beautiful.

Are you still there with me? I know it’s a silly stupid post, but then writers write all such gibberish in a fit of (un)profound inspiration 😉

Oh but still do tell me what makes your life beautiful? 😛










8 thoughts on “What makes life beautiful

  1. This wasn’t gibberish at all, it was lovely in fact. Life is beautiful in so many ways…even when things aren’t going well, I can often find a much longer list of blessings


    • Yes it is true that life brings profound blessings and by being grateful we open ourselves for even more blessings! Thank you so much for reading my post. I am so happy that you liked it 🙂


  2. . ..Life is beautiful even in good days or bad days. As they say, bad days are bad days. No one can fix that. We just gotta have bad days so we could love the good days even more. There’s a reason, purpose, even a beauty behind everything. 🙂

    This is a nice piece! And I’ve nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. 🙂
    Please see this link http://wp.me/p2hZsp-nK for the details.
    Cheers and congratulations!


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