When I am just Me

A short poem for all those who are walking the path of creativity and acknowledging their own true self!.

When I am just Me

A talented singer, the voice that unites mankind,

A talented writer, the words that unshackle the mind,

A talented musician, the music that makes one seek,

A talented actor, the silent eyes that speak,

A talented painter, the painting that is surreal,

A talented photographer, the shots that capture life’s appeal.

A talented dancer, the movements that are grace personified,

A talented sculptor, the statue that seems like a gift from paradise.

All these talented people out there,

Their talents are gifts bestowed rare.

I enjoy that voice, that music, that painting, that play,

How fortunate they are I silently say.

Blessed they are with a fate divine,

I dare not realize that somewhere along the line,

They discarded their fear and embraced their true self,

They honed their ability and broke their shell.

If only I too would stop wishing and plunge into activity,

Accepting what I possess and proclaim my creativity,

Pouring out what only I can give,

Then life will make sense and I will truly start to live.

My talent is a unique priceless treasure,

That is meant to be shared in abundant measure.

So I will sing, dance, write and paint with glee,

Basking in the happiness that comes when I am just me.


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